This blog contains my favorite vegan and lacto-vegetarian recipes.

I’m a huge dietary restriction nerd, so all of the recipes are tagged according to which restrictions they safely meet. If you have a dietary restriction that isn’t represented in my tags, I would super excited to hear about it.

Most of the dishes are modified from recipes I found online, some updated to remove egg/meat, others tweaked for tastiness or for cooking ease. When possible, I’ve linked to the original recipe.

A few things that are different about my recipes compared to other recipe blogs:

  • Ingredient preparation is part of the recipe:
    • peeling, chopping, rinsing, etc. are all included as steps in the recipe, interspersed with other cooking steps in the way that I find to be most time efficient
  • Weights for ingredients in addition to volume
    • some things are easier to measure by weight, so I’ve been going back and updating recipes to includes weights for all ingredients